Anlysis of the story

The story is about a man called Rainsford. He is an hunter very famous and he has a long career where he challenges a lot of Animals. He has another challenge to face. He took a yacht for go in that place for face the new challenge. He was in the Caribbaen sea and here start the story. It was night and Rainsford he was speaking with his friend outside of the yacht in the night. They were talking about that part of the sea were is very famous because a lot of ship disappear. At one point Rainsford fall down of the yacht and he was alone in the middle of the sea. After ten minutes of swimming he found a misterious island. It was so mysterious that it wasn't on any maps. He searched help and he found an house in the middle of the island. Then he knows the General Zaroff and his friend Ivan, who live in the house. They are two incredible hunters. They spoke with Rainsford and they said "We don't have any other challenges with animals so they started to hunt humans". Now Rainsford knows why no one escape in this part of the sea. General Zaroff gave to him a game. He said "You have three days for hide your self in the island and if I don't find you, you are free". No one won that game but Rainsford is an excellent hunter so he knows a lot of startegies. After three days he won so he can be the first man to escape the island. The story is setting in the Cairabben sea. The story is narrative and dialogue. The story has a multitude of choices fiction and the narrator is external.