My story by Matteo Gigliozzi

My amazing holiday in Germany

In 2018 I went to celebrate the new year in Germany with my friend Micheal. We went in Frankfurt, an amazing in city in the middle of the Europe. We stayed in Frankfurt for one week and we did a lot of things. We left our home conutry two day before the the new year. We took a plane to Milano until Frankfurt. My home distance two hours from the Milano airport, so we took a bus from our city to the airport.

The travel from my home until the hotel in Frankfurt was terrible. I remember Micheal felt very bad, he had some problems with his stomach. I don't know what he ate that morning before we left. While we went with the bus to the airport, Micheal threw up multiple times, so we stopped in the highway a lot of times. Micheal dosen't like the plane, so in the airport he was visiable nervous. In other words the our first day in Frankfurt was really bad, so we stayed all day in the hotel and we waited the next day for went around the city.

The second day we vist two beautiful monument in the city, the Main Tower and Romerberg square

The main tower is a big skyscaper. Tourists go to the top of the building for look the unique view around the city. The name of the tower is "Main" because throug Frankfrut pass the Main River, the skyscaper is tall 240 meters, is the 4th tallest building in Germany.

We waited two hours in line for went to the top. When we went to the top the view was amazing and I could watch all the city and all the monument and the Main river.

The Romerberg square is a very historical place. Is the site of numerous Imperial coronations, trade fairs and Christmas markets, the square is the historic heart of the mediaval Altstadt and today a popular tourist destination.

It was amazing this square and me and Micheal we stayed hours to look the old houses which surrander the square, so we stayed late because we ate in one of the multiple restaurants in the square.

Next day we woke up very late, so we went to eat in a restaurant close to the hotel. After that we went around the city for visited new places. After that we returned back in Hotel and we dressed very nice for celebrate the new year.